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Time: 11.00 Location: Online Type: Webinar Language:

Are you looking for a light, lean, concrete and equipped project methodology? Participate in our webinar and discover PM², the European Commission’s project management method.

PM² is a flexible and modular project management methodology that can be adapted according to the needs of any project. It consists of three main phases: initiation, planning and execution. The methodology also includes monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure the project’s quality.

PM² is designed for use in projects of all sizes and complexities. It is particularly suitable for projects that involve multidisciplinary teams and external partners, such as research and development projects.

To help project management professionals better understand and apply the PM² methodology, we are hosting a free webinar. This webinar will cover the main concepts and practices of PM².

PM² Project Management: harmonisation and united in diversity – Webinar

We invited our expert Natacha Brenner to host the webinar. In just 30 minutes she aims to provide an overview of the PM² methodology and seek to clarify what makes the methodology stand out.

Our expert will highlight the advantages of using PM² in an interactive way. Questions and active participation are encouraged!

Please register here!

Would you rather attend the webinar in French? Please find more info here about our webinar on June 15.

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Time: 17.30 Location: Spaces Place de la Gare - 5 Place de la Gare - Luxembourg Type: Workshop Language:

QRP International has a long experience in organising training for project, programme and portfolio managers. QRP has assisted many professionals and their organisation in setting up and running a PMO (Project Management Office). Following a training is a first step in getting inspired. Translating this inspiration into practice is the second step. In traditional training, this is not part of a course and each delegate is left alone. The road to successfully implement what you have learned is often hard and lonely as a strategic PMO is just a few people or sometimes exists only of one person within a large organisation.


This user group has the aim to respond to this need. The goal is to bring similar backgrounds and profiles together to discuss specific topics within PMO management. This session will be guided by a PMO expert that will manage the discussion.


  • Discuss your doubts and issues on setting up and running a PMO
  • Discover practical solutions of others
  • Talk to an expert trainer/consultant
  • Get inspired
  • Get 1,5 PDU!


Speaker: Dominique-Vautrot Schwarz, Portfolio Management Officer at POST Luxembourg

In her presentation, Dominique will share how POST Luxembourg has capitalized on Human Change Management to overcome Enterprise PMO pitfills. Setting up an Enterprise PMO is usually a long run full of potential pitfalls, depending on the context, size and awareness of the organisation. POST Luxembourg launched its E-PMO in 2018 and decided to apply Human Change Management practices from the very beginning. We will hear and discuss together about the experiences made and concrete results achieved.


      • Location: Spaces Place de la Gare – 5 Place de la Gare – Luxembourg
      • Date: Wednesday 23rd of November
      • Time: 17h30 – 19h00 – registration starts at 17h00
      • Language: English
      • Catering: Soft drinks, water, coffee, tea and sandwiches foreseen
      • Attendance fee: FREE! Registration required
      • Inscription: to enroll please fill in the form below and click on “Register Now”

For more information about the content, contact us and we will reply you with a mail or call as soon as possible.

NOTE: This user group is an information session containing interactive elements. This session will not give you any formal qualification Best Practices.

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Time: 14.30 Location: Online Type: Webinar Language:

Whether derived from internally or externally changes, any organisation comes at a point where transformational change is inevitable for the organisation to remain viable and scalable.

Change however is a very sensitive topic as it influences many and should be guided precisely and wisely. There are many methodologies and approaches that can help you deliver change, ‘Agile Change Agent’ is one of these.

The purpose of Agile Change Management is to support the ideas of collaboration, empowerment and self-direction that are core to Agile approaches. It starts from the idea that anyone within the organisation can be a ‘change agent’, somebody that actively supports and facilitates change next to his/her daily work.

What does this exactly mean and how can the Agile Change Agent approach support change within your organisation? Come and find it out in our free webinar!

Together with expert Niels van Bemmelen we will dive into the Agile Change Agent topic. We will discuss the definition of Agile Change, the roles in Agile Change and the management of Agile Change.

We will seek to make the webinar as interactive as possible, with polls, live discussion and input from all listeners. Come and join us!

When: Tuesday 28 September
Time: 14.30 – 15.30

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Time: 16.30 Location: Online Type: Workshop Language:

Project management is one of the most important pillars within companies. Project Management is recognized as one of the fundamental factors for success of an organisation. Agility has become a key point within Project Management. Being agile is being able to adapt to changing needs, co-creation and faster delivery. Traditionally the element of control is a discussion topic within the whole process of becoming more agile. The level of agility that works best for your organisation or department depends on your situation and strategic objectives.

Have you ever wondered if your project might have had better success if you had used a different methodology? Although Agile and Waterfall both have their advantages, deciding which is most appropriate in a given context can be challenging. This online workshop will assess the merits and pitfalls of each and propose how to evaluate your choice in order to deliver successfully.


  • Discover benefits and drawbacks of Agile and Waterfall Methodologies
  • Talk to an expert trainer/consultant
  • Get inspired
  • Get 1,5 PDU!

Alexandre Claus is Co-Founder at Agile & Coaching Solutions, he is a trainer and consultant specialised in project, portfolio management and general management advice. Alexandre worked for 25 years in IT in the financial institution , he has a comprehensive business knowledge of the banking sector, including Fund Administration, Back Office, Private Banking.


  • Location: Online
  • Date: Thursday 24 June 2021
  • Time: 16h15 – 18h00 (official start 16h30). If possible please enter at 16h15 to make sure everything is arranged on the technical side.
  • Language: English
  • Attendance fee: FREE! Registration required
  • Inscription: to enroll please fill in the form below and click on “Register Now”

For more information about the content, contact us and we will reply to you with a mail or call as soon as possible.

NOTE: This workshop is an information session containing interactive elements. This session will not give you any formal qualification on Best Practices.

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Time: 15.00 Location: online Type: Webinar Language:

The PM² Methodology is the official project management methodology of the European Commission.  It was first released for the EU institutions in 2008 and as Open PM² for the greater public in 2016.
It is a lean and easy to implement methodology suitable for any type of project as it enables project teams to manage projects effectively and deliver solutions and benefits to their organisations and stakeholders.
These goals and ambitions have a lot in common with HERMES 5, the Swiss project management methodology since 1975 and in Luxembourg since 2006.

Laurent Kummer

Laurent is a project management professional and has been involved in industrial, IT and quality projects since the 1990s. He is one of the co-authors of PM², the official project management methodology of the European Institutions that has been released to the public in 2016 as OpenPM².

He is also active in representing the Belgian project management community at the International Standard Organisation and participates in the making of the ISO 21500 standard family on project management. Before this, Laurent spent over a decade leading quality and IT infrastructure programmes for General Electric in France, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

During this time in various Industry sectors (Aviation, Energy, Oil & Gas), he earned a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification and since has been a pioneer and active promoter of lean project management, the topic on which he authored his first book “The Lean Project Manager” in 2017.


eco-HERMES is the association of HERMES 5 users in Switzerland and beyond. We foster the exchange of practical experience with HERMES and project management in general. In our working groups, results are developed which complement the HERMES methodology.
We offer a platform for networking and promote the dissemination of HERMES.


We will first get an overview and brief introduction on the PM² project methodology, its purpose, history, guiding principles and current development.


In the following discussion, project management experts familiar with PM², HERMES 5, PMI, IPMA and PRINCE2 will discuss commonalities and differences between PM² and HERMES 5, challenges, future developments, certification paths, etc.

  • Laurent Kummer, PM 2 Ambassador, Co-owner PM kube
  • André Bürki, HERMES responsible at the Swiss Federal IT Steering Unit
  • Ernst Menet, Professor Berne University of Applied Sciences, Owner emmc GmbH
  • Serge Schiltz, President eco-HERMES, Co-owner processCentric GmbH


  • Subscribe by filling in the form below.
  • Thursday, 25 June 2020 – 15h to 17h
  • Webinar – Registered participants will receive a Microsoft Teams link
  • Attendance is free
  • Language: English
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Time: 16.30 Location: Online Type: Webinar Language:

You have followed the course, passed the exam and are now a proud owner of an ITIL certificate. But what do you do next, how do you actually apply ITIL on a daily basis? ITIL is created to adopt and adapt, to tailor to your organization, but that is easier than said. That is why we invited our expert and trainer Kais Albassir to host a series of online ITIL user events.

During this first session, Kais will share his take on the ITIL application and provide some insights, tips & tricks and lessons learned. However, we also like your input. At the start of the event we will have a poll where we decide together the topic to discuss. The topics of which you can choose are the following:

  • From ITILv3 to ITIL 4: what are the differences? Why should we go to ITIL 4? What will it bring us?
  • Problem management: how to implement problem management and make it work with Incident Management to leave the catch 22
  • Portfolio management (service, product, supplier, customer,…) and service catalogue
  • Structure: is there a maximum of what you can handle?
  • How to convince Senior Management?

The Trail & Error; applying ITIL event is aimed at those with profound experience with ITIL (v3 or 4). It is highly encouraged to share your own experiences/challenges with ITIL.

Where & When

  • Date: 23 June 2020
  • Time: 16.30 
  • Where: Virtual
  • Language: English
  • Expert: Kais Albassir, one of our expert ITIL trainer and consultant. Experienced and still active in his respective field.
  • Inscription: Free
  • Registration: Register by filling in the form below

For any questions, feel free to contact us anytime!

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