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Scrum Master

Scrum Master Course

The Scrum Master course is aimed at anyone who wishes to get a sufficient knowledge and understanding of Agile Principles and the Scrum Guide, sufficient to start helping teams and organisations adopt Scrum.

The Scrum Master course provides the candidate with solid knowledge and understanding of the principles and practice of Scrum: Concepts (or Rules), Roles, Events and Artefacts.

Following the completion of the Scrum Master course participants should be able to:

  • Gain a deep understanding of the Scrum Framework – the theory, practices, roles, rules and values – as defined in The Scrum Guide
  • Understand – in detail – the role of Scrum Master and how the role interacts with different members of the Scrum Team and other stakeholders
  • Master the Scrum principles to better understand their application when returning to the workplace
  • Understand how to construct an effective development team with an appropriate mix of skills and experience
  • Know how to act as a servant-leader for the Scrum Team, promoting and enabling self-organisation to create high value products
  • Learn how to facilitate Scrum Events and remove impediments to the Scrum Team’s progress
  • Help Scrum Product Owners shape and refine product backlogs to guide early and incremental delivery of valuable products
  • Drive adoption of the Scrum framework for more effective product and solution development, working with stakeholders and other Scrum Masters to improve its effectiveness
  • Pass the ABC Scrum Master exam
  • Anyone involved in product & solution development using the Scrum framework
  • Scrum Masters, Managers and Scrum team members
  • Aspiring Scrum Masters
  • Solution Developers & Testers
  • Team Leaders
  • Process Owners & Managers.
  • 40 minutes (50 for non-native speakers)
  • 50 questions
  • Objective Test Questions
  • 74% pass mark
  • Closed book

Upon successful completion of the exam and following confirmation of the results, the participants will receive a unique, secure and auditable electronic certificate from APMG International.

It is desirable but not essential that participants have some experience of working in a product or project team. Some pre-read material is provided prior to the training and is expected to be fully read before attending the course. A good knowledge of English is mandatory.

The following course material is included for this training:

  • Pre-Course Study Materials

The course preparation materials include a structured Pre-Course Study Guide – available online

  • ABC Scrum Master Material

This material contains case study, exercises and solutions, Scrum Master test-exams and hints & tips for the Scrum Master Exam.

  1. We guarantee a comprehensive learning experience. Our course includes pre-course material, practice tests and the official exam.
  2. During our Scrum Master course students are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand their application when returning to the workplace. The course is purposefully less IT-centric. Exercises and discussions focus on non-IT scenarios.
  3. Take advantage of our 20 years’ experience delivering Best Practice training across the world.
  4. We provide expertise: QRP trainers are carefully selected from our specialized network. Most trainers are accredited on multiple Best Practices.
  5. Our Scrum Master training courses are fully accredited by APMG International.
4 half days
€ 1100
  • Scrum Master Exam
  • Live Expert Guidance
  • Pre-Course Study Guide
  • Digital Course Material
  • Practice Tests
  • Simulated Mock Exams

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2 days, 14 hours
€ 1400
  • Scrum Master Exam
  • Pre-Course Study Guide
  • Digital Course Material
  • Hands-on exercises based on real-world scenarios
  • Simulated Mock Exams
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