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HERMES 2022 Combi

HERMES 2022 Combi Course

The HERMES 2022 Combi training includes both the Foundation and Advanced courses.

The HERMES Foundation course is designed to ensure that a candidate has a basic understanding of the HERMES project management methodology.

The Hermes Advanced course is designed to ensure that a candidate knows how to control and manage a HERMES project and has practised selected project management tasks by working with case studies.

They have a deeper understanding of the interplay of the different methodological elements, know how to approach a project methodically and are ready to work effectively on HERMES projects.


Following the completion of the course participants should:

  • Know the basic contents of HERMES.
  • Have an overview of the scope and structure of the two standard scenarios of development and adaptation of services/products.
  • Be able to deal with questions of project organisation (roles) and their responsibilities in the context of a project with the standard scenarios of service/product development or adaptation.
  • Know how to create individual scenarios.
  • Review the Foundation content.
  • Know how a project is initialised and completed and how the project basics are developed.
  • Know how a project is controlled and managed; know how to implement any selected tasks from the corresponding two modules.
  • Know the modules relevant to solution development for execution in detail by working with a case study. Know how to implement selected tasks from the modules and how to assign responsibilities to the roles.
  • Be familiar with the organisation module by working with a case study according to any standard scenarios; understand the relevance of the module in all HERMES projects and know how to implementselected tasks from the module.
  • Pass the HERMES Advanced exam.
  • Project Manager
  • Project Team Members
  • Controller
  • Decision makers
  • PMO staff
  • Quality Management
  • Control management

HERMES Advanced Exam

  • 2 hours
  • Both parts of the exam last 60 minutes each, with a break in between
  • Part 1: Multiple-choice – 30 questions
  • Part 2: Multiple-choice with the practical situation – 15 questions
  • To pass the exam, the pass rate is 60% for both parts of the examination.
  • PART 1: No supporting materials allowed: “Closed Book” exam
  • PART 2: The following materials are permitted: Reference manual, scenario overview BK “Open Book” exam

It is desirable, but not essential, that participants have some work-experience on projects. Some pre-read material is provided prior to the training and is expected to be fully read before attending the course.

The following course material is included for this HERMES training:

  • Pre-Course Study Materials

The course preparation materials include a structured Pre-Course Study Guide – available online

  • HERMES Foundation & Advanced Material

The material includes case study, exercises and solutions, Advanced test-exams and hints & tips for Advanced Examination.

  1. We guarantee a comprehensive learning experience. Our course includes pre-course material, practice tests and the official exam.
  2. Take advantage of our 20 years’ experience delivering Project Management training across the world.
  3. We provide expertise: QRP trainers are carefully selected from our specialized network. Most trainers are accredited on multiple Best Practices.
4 days
English, French
€ 3995
  • Hermes Advanced Exam
  • Official digital manual
  • Live Expert Guidance
  • Official digital manual
  • Pre-Course Study Guide
  • Digital Course Material
  • Practice Tests
  • Simulated Mock Exams

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