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HERMES 2022 E-Learning

HERMES 2022 E-Learning Course

Our HERMES 2022 E-learning course was developed by experts and transformed into an interactive and exclusive online training solution to prepare you for the HERMES Foundation and Advanced exams.

HERMES 2022 E-learning course

Our HERMES 2022 E-learning course provides you with the basics for a common understanding of tasks, results and roles in a project.
This HERMES Online solution also provides directly applicable tools in the form of templates and examples, which increases efficiency.
All this promotes a planned, structured approach and thus ultimately supports the success of the project.

In the course units, you gradually become familiar with the HERMES project management method.
Finally, you can use an exam simulation to prepare optimally for the ‘HERMES Foundation’ and ‘HERMES Advanced’ certification exams.

HERMES Foundation6 monthsEnglish€ 990Book now
HERMES Foundation6 monthsFrench€ 990Book now
HERMES Advanced6 monthsEnglish€ 1590Book now
HERMES Advanced6 monthsFrench€ 1590Book now
HERMES 2022 Combi9 monthsEnglish€ 1990Book now
HERMES 2022 Combi9 monthsFrench€ 1990Book now

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