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COBIT is the world’s most practiced IT Governance Framework.

COBIT® is a framework for the enterprise governance and management of information and technology (I&T) that supports enterprise goal achievement.

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COBIT 2019 Certification

  • The world's most recognised IT Governance framework
  • A Strong Foundation for IT Governance Success
  • Available in our Virtual Classroom


What is COBIT® 2019

COBIT® (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) is the IT governance framework developed by ISACA®.
COBIT ensures effective and strategic enterprise governance of information and technology. The COBIT framework simplifies the governance process for organisations.
COBIT is a comprehensive set of guidance, tools, models and resources to help business leaders achieve their objectives for effective I&T governance.
The most recent version of the framework, COBIT 2019, aligns and maps to other major standards, guidelines, frameworks and compliance rules.
The COBIT 2019 framework, the most recent version of the framework, has been updated with modern processes and design factors. This results in a more adaptable framework, regardless of an organisation’s industry, attributes or strategic goals.

COBIT Training and Certification

QRP International is an accredited training organisation (ATO) for COBIT. Check our COBIT training formats and pick one that suits your needs or work best for your colleagues.

COBIT 2019 Benefits

  • A strong foundation for IT Governance Success
  • Maximises the value an organisation achieves from reaching its strategic goals
  • Helps businesses monitor the performance of other frameworks, especially in terms of security compliance, information security and risk management
  • Gives senior management more insight into how technology can align with organizational goals
  • Gives CIOs and other IT executives a way to demonstrate the ROI on an IT project and how it will help reach key business objectives
  • The COBIT 2019 certification is recognized worldwide

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