What’s the future for Project Management? PRINCE2 2017 Version

If we see Project Management through the lens of the so called “big picture”, projects are the tools a company possesses to realize its strategy: from projects, all the way up to portfolio, projects are the concrete and practical results of where the organization decides to invest its money.
This should make clear why project management is getting more and more importance in the business world.

Over the last few years there has been an increasing interest in the analysis of how the future of Project Managers will look like. There are many reports and researches on the topic, and the most recent one is surely the “The Future Project Management Professional” from Axelos. This report identifies the key trends that will most impact the project, programme and portfolio management profession, as well as the technical and interpersonal skills that will be required.

Keep reading to find out how the changes in the Project Management world have played an important role into the PRINCE2 2017 version: new article available for download!

TITLE: What’s the future for Project Management? Understanding PRINCE2 2017 Version

ABOUT THE ARTICLE: This article from QRP International has the goal to explain what’s the general status within Project Management world, and how the changes in this environment have helped raise the need for an updated version to PRINCE2. By analyzing the latest report in Project Management, the “The Future Project Management Professional” from Axelos, the article examines the 4 main aspects of change for the profession of Project Manager, and highlights how these changes have a great impact on a well-known and internationally recognized certification like PRINCE2. The article also mentions the main areas where PRINCE2 has been updated.

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