QRP Supports Fondazione ABIO

QRP International has a core purpose, which is: developing professionals to facilitate changes.

We believe in change as a tool for growth and improvement, not only professionally, but also in our society. This is the reason why we strongly believe in the importance of supporting charity projects with a cause that make our society a better place. Every year we stand by this principle of contributing our part as a company. This year we chose to support Fondazione ABIO Italia ETS.

Since 1978, ABIO has cared for children and teenagers in hospitals and their families. Fondazione ABIO has been managing relations with healthcare facilities and local administrations in all Italy. It is focused on promoting the culture of volunteering as well as hospital rights of children, adolescents and parents. In order to do so, Fondazione ABIO organises and coordinates activities of volunteers locally, putting into practice the principles and values on which ABIO is built: care, humanity, attention to needs, respect for rights and support.

Fondazione ABIO is committed to supporting children, adolescents and their families from the moment they enter hospital, offering emotional and practical support. This includes creating welcoming environments, promoting their rights and training volunteers to ensure an effective service tailored to hospital needs. ABIO promotes projects to improve hospital environments and ensure that children’s rights are respected from the very beginning of hospitalisation.

Supporting Fondazione ABIO is important to QRP International, as most of its employees have children and understand how crucial it is to ensure support for children and their families during difficult times in the hospital. Making a donation to Fondazione ABIO means supporting an organisation that works with 53 local voluntary associations, present in more than 200 paediatric centres throughout Italy. Thanks to this support ABIO can guarantee the presence of around 4,000 volunteers alongside sick children, adolescents and families during their hospital journey, offering comfort, emotional support and fun moments through games and a colourful environment. Each donation contributes to making the healing journey more comfortable and humanising for young patients and their families.

Do you feel that Fondazione ABIO also is in line with your values? Then visit their website to know their mission, stories and beautiful achievements: Fondazione ABIO