QRP Luxembourg Linkedin Launch

It’s official! QRP Luxembourg is launching its Linkedin. Besides Italy, France, Belgium and Switzerland now also Luxembourg has its own account. Get ready to level up your knowledge and unlock new opportunities by following QRP Luxembourg on Linkedin.

Best Practices on Project Management and IT Service Management

Starting from today, QRP Luxembourg has you covered with constant updates on Project- and IT Service Management. You can stay in the loop with the latest trends, best practices, and success stories from the world of Project Management and IT Service Management. You don’t need to do anything except follow our Linkedin page to be part of our flow of information.

Why it is important to be informed and to stay ahead of the Change Curve

We live in a fast-paced environment where everything is pervaded by a constant transformation, and change is the only common factor. The number of organizations which are using Project- and IT Governance & Service Management procedures are increasing. This goes together with the increase of tools and methods developed to help Project Managers and IT Service Managers to accomplish their projects successfully.

Therefore QRP will identify the key trends in Project- & IT Management, Change Management and Agile, and their impact on Project Managers, Programme and Portfolio Managers (PPM), as well as IT Service Managers.

And the best part is: we will share all of our Best Practice findings with you!

Become part of our PM and IT Service Management Community

By following us, you will become part of our PM and IT Service Management Community. A couple of times per week, we will share valuable and exclusive content to our Linkedin members. Among these, you can expect:

  • Market Insights with regards to Project and IT Service Management
  • Expert Tips and Tricks
  • Special Offers and Early Bird Discounts for our courses
  • Exclusive Invitations to Webinars and Country-specific Events
  • Much more!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to stay informed, inspired, and connected. Follow us here!