Did you miss our “Intro to Agile methods” Webinar? Here’s the VIDEO!

Agile approaches are no longer limited to software development. They are more and more popular with various organizations that need to be more flexible and responsive to effectively address their increasing pace of change. Agile Project Management is an innovative approach to project management.

This 1 hour webinar, followed by almost 100 professionals from all over Europe, will introduce you to the different agile methods, the principles of the AgilePM approach and the tools needed to manage projects in an Agile way.


    • The “Agile Manifesto”: philosophy, principles, behaviors
    • Intro to the most known and used agile PRACTICES: MoSCoW, Time Boxing, Iterative Development, Daily stand up meetings etc..
    • Intro to the most known and used agile TOOLS: Burn charts, Kanban, User stories…
    • Intro to different agile APPROACHES: Scrum, Lean, XP, AgilePM, AgileBA, DevOps, SAFe …
    • Overview of Agile Project Management (AgilePM): roles, responsibilities, principles, timeboxing …
    • Q&A Session