Join us for an onsite course

Over the course of the pandemic, QRP Luxembourg decided to divert most courses to a virtual setting. This way we were able to provide the same courses, but following the rules set by the government. However, now that we seem to have reached a more stable situation, we want to invite you again to join our on-site courses.

On-site courses

QRP Luxembourg hosts all types of courses, at Regus located at the Central Station, in person. The onsite courses are full days with an expert trainer and include the exam at the end of the course. Obviously the onsite courses are fully monitored and collide with the latest COVID-19 safety regulations. For now this includes a strong recommendation to wear face masks when circulating the common parts of the centre, social distancing and the use of hand sanitizer.

Why choose onsite

You might wonder why you should pick an onsite course, if the same course is organized virtually. The hassle to leave your comfortable home might seem much, but you will get a lot in return. For example:

  • Multiple sensory learning experience
  • Sharing experiences and social interaction
  • Quiet dedicated time out of the office
  • Exam at the end of the course

Multiple sensory learning experience

Onsite courses are designed to integrate different learning styles. Of which auditory learning, visual learning and kinesthetic learning. Auditory learning is everything that a participant takes away by listening and hearing. Visual learning includes all the information the participant takes in from the use of flipcharts and drawings by the trainer. Kinesthetic learning is also known as ‘learning by doing’. Classroom learning offers the best opportunity for this type of learning as there is much more student/student interaction and small games being used as examples.

Sharing experiences and social interaction

Also in our virtual classroom there is room for peer interaction, but it is not to be compared to the level of interaction in an onsite classroom. By sharing experiences, everybody in the room can learn (even the trainer). It adds another dimension to what you learn and will help you see the link with real life.

Quiet dedicated time out of the office

An onsite training permits the participant to take a distance from home and work so that the participant can deep dive into something new. The participant can focus solely on the course and this will improve the integration of the skills.

Exam at the end of the course

Onsite courses almost always include the exam at the end of the course. That means that the participant follows the training and gets the certification at the same time. In other learning formats, either virtual training or e-learning, the exam is planned separately from the course. If the participant seeks to get certificated in a short period of time, an onsite course is most of the time the fastest route.

QRP onsite course calendar

QRP Luxembourg offers multiple courses onsite, including PRINCE2, ITIL 4 Foundation, AgilePM and many more. Have a look at our complete course calendar and find planned onsite courses till mid 2022.

For more information, feel free to contact us directly via mail or phone!