Food for thought, in-depth and interactive (online) events

You know what we love to do? Invite you to grow professionally and help you decide on the Best Practice that will change your business forever. In order to do so, we provide quality content that will explain the differences between all the possibilities out there. We ask our trainers to communicate clear and profound what the benefits are of a certain certification.

We realized that the best way to communicate this information is by means of (online) events. Free of charge and without the aim of selling you a solution, we hope to reach you to start thinking about the different possibilities that fit your needs.

Events and event recordings

Every quarter we try to host at least one (online) event about one of the Best Practice methodology training we provide. This is an event that reaches a big group of people and is usually in a webinar format. We invite either our trainer or another expert to shine a light on a specific topic of interest. At the end of the event attendees are invited to ask questions and interact with the speaker. This way – we try to answer all doubts and really give an insight of how the best practice could possibly help sustain your business goals.
We found that it was really helpful to record these events, in order to be able share the recording with those that missed the live events. I like to invite you to take a look at the event that we have organized in the past year.

How to apply PRINCE2 virtually?

We invited our expert Project Manager and accredited trainer Stijn Janssens to talk about Projects in a virtual environment, specifically with the use of PRINCE2. During this interesting webinar he covered topics such as communication, changes of processes and lessons learned.

Watch the recording here.

Agile Frameworks

The term Agile always raises room for discussion, there are many different opinions and perspectives. We asked our expert and accredited trainer Kim Delgadillo to once and for all explain about the different Agile Frameworks. During his webinar, Kim touched upon Scrum, Kanban, Design thinking, SaFe and of course AgilePM.

Watch the recording here.

Scrum master by APMG

SCRUM is a methodology that changed the way of work for thousands of organisations. It helps prioritize and deliver. One of the most important roles within the SCRUM set up is the SCRUM Master, but what does he/she actually do? In this webinar our expert Kim Delgadillo takes you on a journey into the world of the SCRUM Master, the role and responsibilities.

Watch the recording here.

What is PMP and why should I invest in it?

The PMP certification is a very prestigious certification. PMP is not a methodology, but an approach to project management in general. Getting PMP certified is not easy and asks for perseverance. In this webinar our expert and accredited PMP trainer Xavier Heusdens explains the ins and outs of the PMP certification.

Watch the recording here.

PMP Panel discussion

PMP is gaining more and more ground in Belgium and the certification really covers Project Management from beginning to end. With the launch of both the new exam and new PMBoK in 2021, the certification has become more relevant than ever. To show the wide reach and uses of the PMP knowledge we hosted a panel discussion. The experts discussed different topics amongst each other, but we also asked the audience to interact and ask questions.

Watch the recording here.