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DOI Devops
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DevOps is a dynamic and ever-improving set of practices that emphasises collaboration and communication between software developers and other IT professionals. It helps automate software delivery and infrastructure changes. It establishes a culture where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently and reliably.

DevOps is a cultural and professional movement that stresses communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations professionals. The resulting improved workflow provides businesses the flexibility to change, and change quickly, without sacrificing the quality and reliability of their IT-based business services.
Despite the name, DevOps extends beyond software developers and IT operations professionals.
Generally speaking, ‘Dev’ represents all the people involved in developing software products and services (including business representatives and suppliers) and ‘Ops’ includes all the people involved in delivering and managing those products and services (including suppliers).

8 Benefits of Adopting DevOps Into Your Organization

  • 1 Enables companies to deliver better software
  • 2 Improving communication, collaboration and the integration of people, processes and technologies.
  • 3 Foster a culture of continuous experimentation and learning
  • 4 Shorten and amplify feedback loops
  • 5 Improve flow
  • 6 Achieve better operational efficiency
  • 7 Deliver customer value faster
  • 8 Achieve greater customer satisfaction

DevOps Certification

DevOps certifications are ideal for individuals and organisations that seek an understanding of DevOps principles. Employees, managers, stakeholders, and suppliers who are leading or contributing to DevOps initiatives all stand to gain great knowledge. Consultants guiding their clients through DevOps programmes will also benefit greatly from a DevOps certification.
Certified DevOps Practitioner roles offer evolutionary skills and improved communication and collaboration between IT teams.

The DevOps Institute (DOI) is the continuous learning community around emerging DevOps practices. Working with recognised thought leaders, the DevOps Institute is setting the quality standard for DevOps competency-based education and qualifications.

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DevOps Training

The DevOps qualification scheme currently consists of seven distinct certifications:

The DevOps Foundation course provides a baseline understanding of key DevOps terminology to ensure everyone is talking the same language and highlights the benefits of DevOps to support organizational success
The DevOps Leader course is a unique and practical experience for participants who want to take a transformational leadership approach and make an impact within their organization by implementing DevOps.
The DevSecOps Engineering (DSOE)℠ course explains how DevOps security practices differ from other security approaches and provides the education needed to understand and apply data and security sciences.
The Continuous Delivery Architecture (CDA)℠ course is designed for participants who are engaged in the design, implementation, and management of DevOps deployment pipelines and toolchains that support Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Testing and potentially Continuous Deployment.
The DevOps Test Engineering (DTE)® course addresses testing in a DevOps environment and covers concepts such as the active use of test automation, testing earlier in the development cycle, and instilling testing skills in developers, quality assurance, security, and operational teams.
The Certified Agile Service Manager (CASM)® course provides an introduction to Agile Service Management, the application, and integration of agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects.
The Certified Agile Process Owner (CAPO)® course provides guidance into the process Owner responsibilities so they can describe what they are doing as a process and provides the education needed to oversee the design, re-engineering and improvement of IT Service Management (ITSM) processes; particularly in the context of Agile Service Management


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